XTRI World Tour

XTRI was born in the Norwegian fjords in 2003 when a visionary named Hårek Stranheim created The Norseman, a point to point race that stripped out the unnecessary baggage, and immersed the athletes into the landscape. No frills, just pure triathlon.

The XTRI World Tour is now a journey of the most incredible extreme triathlons in unique and spectacular places, where the richness of culture is tangible.

It’s journey of exceptional people and their exclusive, diverse stories; a journey that will be different for every traveler, a journey of cold water swims, high mountain passes and beautiful wilderness trails - where all athletes, supporters and crew will leave with new friends and lasting memories.

Our triathlons have exciting and challenging courses with distances based on topographic features, water conditions, terrain and local infrastructure. These distances are close full distance races, but not the same. Each course is unique, and each requires different skills. All are extreme.

Our field sizes are limited, and a support team is required. Local community involvement is key, as is careful and sustainable use of the natural race courses.

We have selected our partner races carefully and the finest extreme events with official World Tour status are now found in Norway, Scotland, Switzerland, Canada, Slovakia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Chile, The Isle of Man, Montenegro, Brazil and Morocco.

The XTRI World Championship takes place every year at Norseman in Norway.

Welcome to the XTRI World Tour, a journey like no other.

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